I’m baaaaaahk!!

So… after about 6 months off from blogging and SL, I’ve come back to do things a bit differently….  I want to enjoy SL not feel like I am logging into a second more stressful job. This past August I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer…. everything after that happened so rapidly.. long story short I am now cancer free and doing well. MAMMOGRAMS LADIES!!!!

I love blogging and will continue to do so regardless if anyone actually reads or follows me.

I want to say Thank you for coming back to my page and ….without further adieu


Cliche, a shoe company by my good friend Atila Blackmountain. He has come out with new shoes… one of my favorite things in SL next to jewelry.Image



CITTA stiletto.

The skin HUD is easy to use… the color matches are simple to use from the palest of skin to the deepest dark; a few quick clicks and Viola, you are on your way. There are 29 nail polish colors to choose from and even a delete script option.



Citta starts at 499L$ per pair and a fat pack for 1500L$. [Cliche] is definitely worth taking a demo to see for yourself!

I promise you will not be disappointed.


Roaming the streets of SL….xoxo, Tra